Kooragang Industrial Water Scheme

Trenchless Advisor was involved from concept to construction completion (Stage 1 & 2).

The works involved numerous road and rail crossings plus a river crossing. Required a feasibility and design for all crossings including the crossing of three rail tracks with an In-principle approval by the rail authority.

The project required the monitoring and quality control of two head contractors, both working of separate stages at the same time.

Hunter Water

Preliminary assessment, design and contractor management

Recycled Water


Bore Length:
Varied from 20m to 600m

Environmental Factors:
Nearby river system, acid sulphate soils, mangroves, contaminated soils.

Ground Conditions:
Extremely difficult grounds conditions varying from mangroves, silty sands, high water table, shale, silty clays, fill, rock and slag.

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