About Us

Specialised project management consulting that helps you succeed where other companies often fail – in implementation and execution.

We advise on and execute your most complex Trenchless initiatives so that you achieve your desired results.

Project Specialists

Trenchless Advisor undertakes a wide range of work for both the Government and private sectors.

To date, Trenchless Advisor has successfully assisted our clients with various designs, feasibilities, assessments, on-site monitoring, project management, and specialised documentation for over 900 Trenchless crossings incorporating horizontal directional drilling, microtunneling, auger boring and pipe ramming.

Trenchless Advisor has been involved in trenchless bores involving the installation of conduits and pipelines for electrical, gas, water, recycled water, sewer, drains, and communication projects.

Our extensive project experience highlights Trenchless Advisor’s ability to deliver a broad range of innovative services and solutions to our clients.

Every Trenchless project is designed and undertaken as ``site specific``

Trenchless Technology

Trenchless technology involves the installation, replacement or renewal of underground utilities with minimum excavation and surface disruption. Several construction techniques and methods qualify as Trenchless.

Trenchless technologies are and have been used successfully for all underground utilities from water, sewer, gas, and industrial pipelines, to electrical conduit and fibre optics.

Trenchless technologies are also used as a construction option in urbanised areas with heavy vehicular and pedestrian traffic and numerous existing underground utilities. Trenchless is an attractive option for crossing roadways and other transportation corridors, and rivers and waterways.

Trenchless can also be used to install, rehabilitate or replace utilities located in environmentally sensitive areas and locations where surface access may be restricted due to the existence of structures or vegetation.

The benefits of using trenchless technology are numerous and varied but should always be seen as site specific.

Trenchless Advisor evaluates every project on its own requirements and client specifications, as well as ground conditions, existing utilities, topography and other asset owner requirements.