Shoalhaven River Crossing

Trenchless Advisor was engaged to review a previously conducted concept design for the crossing of the Shoalhaven River through Horizontal Directional Drilling. The review also included recent geotechnical investigations as well as reviewing the achievability and practicality of the project.

The project was deemed extremely difficult and a high construction risk, but not impossible, due to its length and possible encountering of cobble and boulders as well as other obstructions from the infill of a paleo channel. The requested product pipe needed to be reviewed and re-assessed against the forces required to install the pipe into the borehole as well as possible critical buckling pressures. Additional geotechinical investigations were also required in an attempt to reduce the construction risk and produce a more practical and achievable project.

GHD / Shoalhaven Water

Review concept design and geotechnical investigation


275mm ID PE pipe (DN355 PE100 PN20)

Bore Length:

Environmental Factors:
River crossing

Ground Conditions:
Difficult and varying (silts, clays, gravels, cobble, boulders & rock)

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